Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mt Vic: The Good, and the bad....

Unfortunately, this isn't as positive of an update as I'd hoped to provide. Whilst it would seem I'm in great shape ahead of XTERRA World Champs.... Nic has taken herself with a broken collarbone. Ouch.

On Sunday we looked forward to what was to be one of our final key training days prior to Maui. The ever popular PNP MTB series in Wellington was hosting race 3 on the tough Mt Vic course.
3 laps for Senior Men of a gruelling 9km lap (with 400m+ climbing per lap) was perfect. So a 1500min swim before the race. Race, and run a lap of the course off the bike would provide great prep. The day started well enough, as we both enjoyed a good solid swim.

On to the MTB race and despite tired legs I was soon in a great battle with Hisky, when midway round lap 2 we came across Nic, walking her bike towards us with weird expression on face. Kindly yelling she was ok so as to not concern me, I figured she'd busted the bike, and recommenced battle with Hisk.

In good signs for Maui, I was able to ride away on the last lap for a 'comfy' win, followed by a good run. Not fantastic, but very positive signs for Maui. So for me. All good. Mission accomplished. For Nic.... what was hoped was just a very sore shoulder now looks like 4-6 weeks healing. Frustrated is one word to describe her mood. I'm sure you can all think of many others....

Hisky's Speech.... "It was great to have a yarn with Cabin. Plenty of talk lap 1. Not so much lap 2. And none on lap 3." Kind of summed up the race and effort really!

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