Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whoa, check it out....

Amazing. We got some prop's finally from the local media! (Thats a bit harsh as they do publish a story now and then). But this appeared tonight in the Sports Editor's weekly editorial... Nice to get that sort of credit in a paper usually chock full of rugby 'news'. Maybe our under performing professional rugby team is finally starting to wear thin on a few people?

 Oh yeah, and the Whaka 100km? Yip, it was tough. Yip, we went fast, and no, I didn't win. And no, I don't think I've recovered yet. Race was a big step up from last year. A bunch of us drove a pretty brutal pace that not only obliterated the field (including us), but the race record by 20mins+

 Once again my good friend and arch rival Scott Thorne got me. Scott has amazing endurance. He won an age-group ironman world title so thats no surprise. The problem is he now has some pretty mad bike handling skills to go with it. National XC Champion Stu Houltham was 3rd a few minutes after me.

 Nic had a great ride in the 50km. Battling hard to get the better of Monique Avery. Only to have her race messed up by a few non-racers who decided to ride with the girls and 'assist' them. WTF? Why do guys think girls need help in a bike race. They (Nic and Monique) are both bloody strong athletes. Leave them alone. 

Anyway, long story short Nic had established a solid lead late in the race when the guys went down a bit of track that wasn't on the course and she followed. She crossed the line first but realised the mistake and DQ'd herself. So she's a bit pissed about it. The easy 30min run off the bike ended up being a bit quicker than prescribed me thinks?! Nevermind, she's looking strong for Maui!

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