Friday, April 5, 2013

So Easter was pretty fun (and busy). Nic headed off sailing in the Bay of Islands for 5 days with her parents leaving me home alone. I was kind of good and did the lawns, trimmed the hedges, vaccumed the house etc... But more importantly managed to cram some good times in.
Did some training. But also added in a few rounds of golf, some quality time at the moto track, and had an awesome times helping guide around a bunch of aussies from an MTB tour group. Amazing how much cooler your local trails seem when surrounded by a bunch of new recruits in awe of the trails. Suddenly appreciate how good we've got it. Enjoyed the company of the infamous "Rick Moss" from Flow MTB. He made me ride the Coppermine so hard I ended up breaking spokes (maybe that was casing a gap jump... maybe). Good times. I look forward to re-enacting this cheesy photo op on some iconic australian mtb trail in the not too distant future.

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