Monday, April 29, 2013

NZ Singlespeeds 2013

I seem to pretty regularly preach to people that events need to be fun, and if they're not then maybe it is time to re-evaluate. But its not so easy sometimes to genuinely follow that yourself. Especially when the competitive ego gets in the way. Which is why events like Singlespeeding really are so cool. While it hadn't been on the cards at all until a week ago, I am so stoked I got on board and joined the party.
While on one hand the NZ Singlespeed champs is really just the biggest mountainbiking adult fancy dress party of the year, it’s still worth a bit of hard effort once the “race” starts. So dressed as Ralph - The Greatest American hero - I had clearly inherited super powers and with my cape flapping in the breeze (and only occasionally snagging trees) I streaked out to a lead of more than a minute during the first lap of three. Not the first time in such a situation. However clearly i must have an unconscious desire not to be tattoo’ed (to honour the title it is tradition for the winner to receive a tattoo), as it soon became apparent that I had done a stellar job of sabotaging my own bike that I had hastily assembled 24hrs prior. Thus a slipping chain began to hamper my progress. Still trying to ride (and run) as fast as possible…. Mainly to get back to the beer tent as quickly as I could each lap. Did some sweet jumps and wheelies. Tried a few whips and even a couple of nose wheelies. Was the 3rd participant to cross the line - or receive a 3rd beer. Depends which way you look at it. Which in this event is actually 2nd equal….. along with everyone else.
One of these days I'll prepare more thoroughly...... or not...


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