Sunday, November 11, 2012

Garage Sale - need some bling wheels?

Due to Nic changing wheel sizes, we have some bling wheelsets that need new homes. If keen flick Nic an e-mail to discuss

The ultimate 26" XC wheelset. ENVE Carbon XC rims, laced to DT240 centrelock hubs, with DT bladed spokes. Super stiff, uber light, super strong. Were new in February this year. Minimal use. Excellent condition

There's a CRF150F moto too come to think of it. Make Nic an offer on that as well. Doesn't get ridden since the SX85 turned up


sosan usa said...

design is pretty good how can i buy it

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sosan usa said...

love the colored and stylish rims

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Lee John said...

Thanks for guiding about the bling wheels! I was finding them from a long time now i will go to this garage sale.
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