Thursday, April 29, 2010

World Cup XC Yorkshire...

Apologies for the late update from Sundáy's race, I have been on the move negotiating my way down through England & then from Frankfurt (GER) to Belgium adjusting to the right hand side of the road & that 130kmph is actually quite slow! As most of you are aware, we had planned for Cabin to be accompanying me for these initial stages but Iceland erupted & I am relfing it big time over here...yes Cabin I sure do appreciate you! With Cabin were my race wheels & tyres, so you could say that last week was a little hectic leading into my first race up at Dalby Forest, Yorkshire. It was World Cup XCO #1 and after an encouraging domestic season in NZ I really wanted to hit the ground running & pull off a stellar result.

What would have been a stellar result? To be honest I did not know but thought that the least I would be satisfied would be top-40, and I was 40th. I was aware that coming to race in Europe the field would be deeper than in Quebec last year, but I underestimated the congestion that occurred in the start-loop and that cost me. I had a dismal start as myself & the girl in front failed to clip in and then proceeded to get tangled up in a couple of off-the bike moments in the start-loop. Consequently early on I was fighting just to get back to the start position I had had. The first lap was agitatingly slow as I tried to gain some track position, laps 4& 5 were my best but the finish came too soon. This weekend I need to start on time! Rosara smoked up from the back of the grid to pass me in the first 50m to finish a credible 25th place in her first race back. Nice!
So I will be looking for an improvement when I line up at Houffalize this Sunday. I might be being unreasonable, but I know that Dalby wasn't my best work. It was good to blow out the cobwebs following travel, disruptions & the bit of extra stress that presented, but I will be looking for a more complete performance come Sunday.
For the record Yorkshire was a great place to visit. The quaint wee town of Pickering was the gateway to Dalby Forest, and where I was warmly accomodated by Amanda & Mike Hawtin of Eleven Westgate B&B. They also own the local Big Bear Active Bike shop & operate guided MTB tours of Dalby & the surrounding Moors range - you'd almost think Cabin planned to leave me with the perfect hosts?! They were fantastic to say the least, and I certainly hope that the World Cup round remains in Dalby so I can return! The course was especially spectator friendly with several drops, A/B lines & fast bermed sections. It was great to have plenty of enthusiastic support course side on Sunday - Amanda & the children (Ethan & Emily) + fellow guests Tim & Sue & Ian - truly awesome, thank-you!
Tomorrow I will spend a bit of time on the Houffalize course ahead of Sunday. Hopefully there is a big hill 10m wide at the start! Will keep you posted, it is certainly great to be here... Ciao! nic :)


JP Tobin said...
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JP Tobin said...

Go NIC...smash it to pieces!!!

mountainrider said...

Great write-up Nic! Em and I were wondering how your first race went :-)
Fingers crossed that your next race goes a little bit closer to plan off the start line for you!
Oh and that screaming and yelling you can hear when you are racing is Em and I barracking for you as we watch the races online!



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