Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 29er's keep getting faster

Some eye candy for 29er fans out there. May I present the latest edition to the Cabin Racing stable. I've been through a few iterations of 29ers now, and quite honestly they keep getting better. Pictured ready to go for XTERRA this weekend its weighing in (as pictured with pedals and tube taped to the seatpost) at a massive.... 9.1kg!

No its not skittery and sketchy to ride. Its actually one of the best descending XC bikes I've had the pleasure of riding. Might be the lefty? Might be the geometry? Either way it rides sweet. Even kept pace ok with his royal radness Ross Schnell on his remedy (maybe he was just being nice?).

For standard spec you can have a look here But I have made a few mods. Threw on an FSA carbon crankset (27/40) and a XX fr derailleur (modified with an angle grinder to accomodate the rings). Switched to grip shift. Put my Stans Race 29er rear wheel in. 12-26 road cassette (closer ratios), and istalled some favourite Bontrager tyres. Good to go. Its quick.... I just hope my legs/lungs can do it justice.

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Bushlove Racing said...

Your bike looks very camp. Apart from anything else, all that seatpost sticking out is brutally overcompensating for something.

Best of luck from us for Saturday mate. Is your smokescreen racing? Wish Nic best of luck too if so.