Monday, January 25, 2010

Summer N-Duro #2

It was a funny old day for us yesterday at race two of the N-Duro series. Could write a pretty lengthy report, but perhaps easiest is to steel the summary from

"another perfect day, warm but not too hot. After a week of rain, clearing to light showers on Saturday, the trails were the right side of tacky and the times reflected that on a course that started on a fast forest road section, then quickly got into tough singletrack in the core network and a climb up Tokorangi Pa Road. Excellent course and an amazing finish in 45KM Men with Mike Northcott and Team Nduro's Mark "Cabin" Leishman duking it out. Mike took the photo finish on the line after an epic sprint. Annika Smail backed up to win her second round with Nic Leary (also from Team Nduro), 2nd. Nic stopped to help an injured rider on Billy T or it would have been very close."

Mikey leading out with one of the most significant gaps between us all race. I made a good break early, was climbing well, and held a 30-40sec climbing frontal labotomy. But then I made a bad gear shift and tangled up my chain. My fault. Gap gone. Was great to race Mikey head to head as we have quite different strengths and tested each other accordingly. In the end I executed my tactics perfectly.... but Mikey simply had a stronger kick and took it by half a wheel.
Nic and Annika were also having a great battle. Again forcing them well clear of the chasing field. Both forcing each other into worlds of hurt, and the odd mistake. Annika missing corners. Nic riding into Punga trees. Their battle was effectively over when Nic stopped to administer first aid. But thats racing. Things happen. No point in what ifs and maybes. Thats simply how it panned out. Roll on Summer N-Duro #3 and yet another epic showdown.

Cabin sporting the ironman bling with the white arm warmers. WTF? Bit gay isn't it? Trying to prove his worth to Bushlove Racing? No.....Utilising inside knowledge of the course (having spent most of saturday course marking) he realised there was a bit of undergrowth to bash through and not fancying cut up arms opted for the 2XU armshades (lightweight sunburn protecors basically). Smart

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