Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year catch up

How slack of us. We haven't posted anything up here in a month. Oops. Well, things have been pretty busy. Plenty of training, moved into our new house, family xmas, then down to Nelson for the Tour De Femme.
We had a great Xmas, which was only enhanced with our extra special Xmas goodies packages for our various supporters. Exciting deliveries from 2XU, Nature Valley, Balance, and Smith all ensuring we are well stocked up on food and looking flash for summer. Also there was the small matter of a shiney new Avanti Questa Team roadie for Nic, and some nice Zero Carbon wheels to use also. Pretty damn cool.
Off to Nelson and Nic lined up at the annual Tour de Femme. A great way to build some form and learn some new skills. Not only was it Nic's first roadie tour, but first road race full stop! So it was in the deep end and she quitted herself bloody well. A good climb up Takaka Hill, and plenty of strength shown getting into the front group and doing more than her fair share of work mixing it up. Seemed to improve each day and by the end of 5 stages had grabbed a strong 12th on GC. Ruing a couple of small mistakes that cost her any shot at the top 6 or 7. Next time eh?
Warming up for stage 1 and still smiling
Takaka Hill.... this is actually after the finish. Nic decided she liked it so much she'd warm down by climbing another couple of k's.
Flat TT. Not exactly an MTB'er fortay, but at least we put aero bars on?!
Final stage, lead group sprint. In amongst it.....
....Meanwhile Cabin works on his xmas cake intake
Meanwhile we are back home in Rotorua. Fantastic to be in our own place and amazing how much motivation it gives to actually look after something when you own it eh? I've even mowed the lawns a couple of times already! Taking it easy this week as on Saturday its my turn to leap into the unknown as I give the Tauranga 1/2 ironman a crack (backed up with N-Duro #1 on Sunday). Fitness is good, and with Malvern Star providing me a mint dura-ace equipped carbon roadie and some fast Zero wheels I don't have too many excuses.
Like all good triathletes I relaxed last night with a blast on the MTB and hitting up the step down gap jump on Old Chevy (as did Nic). Life is good.

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