Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sneak Preview: Nic's Worlds Weapon

So riding Worlds can have it's advantages. I've just spent the evening building up Nic's weapon for World Champs, after Avanti arranged advanced delivery of the improved 2010 Team Competitor frame.
I have to admit it looks pretty mint. Along with a few new pieces of bling from Uncle Sam at Litebikes and some Canberra specific mods and presto.... one pretty cool looking, light, and fast Nic Leary World Champs special.


mountainrider said...

WOW! what an awesome looking weapon! glad you weren't riding that on Sunday Nic, mind you - you still would have beaten me regardless :-)

Come on Cabin - what about a weight estimate.

comeonrichard said...

Good luck for the relay and the rest of the week

Sonia said...

Oi!! Good luck Nic! Unleash on that awesomely gnarly looking course and whoop it up chic!
Sonia, Amelia (who is growing like a weed! and Saul).
Give us a text sometime when you're settled in Roto so we can catch up for coffee!

nic said...

Thank-you Mike, Bill & Sonia!

It is the afternoon before I race & I am in feet up mode under orders from Mr. Cabin. Looking forward to my race (10am tmrw)...

The track is great, my boulder hopping and dropping is going well with all parts of the course dialed. My paddock and home made rock garden practice are coming to fruition..yayaa! Will see what I can do...

Def look forward to meeting up in the big stink Sonia :)

Celia said...

Some photos of the bike (and Nic!) in action in here:

Looking good Nic! :) Well done!