Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little insight

The MTB World Championships are now only a week away. In fact for 4 of our best XC riders, it's only 6 days until the Team Relay kicks things off in Canberra. So as I type this, there are a number of nervous riders around the country. Second guessing themselves as to have they done enough intervals? Is my bike as 100% as it could be? Have I done too much? Have I got the right tyres? And a thousand other questions running through their minds.

The question I am most regularly seem to be asked relates to the level of racing on the World Stage. Just how good are these riders? And as NZ riders, are we anywhere near their level at all? Are we really that bad that many of us get pulled 2 laps doen in a World Cup?

If you want to know, then click here Hopefully it provides some insight?!


SlackBoy said...

I for one applaud Cabin for stepping back up into Elite. *evil Grin*
Cool insight too bro.
Good luck at the worlds Nic

comeonrichard said...

Nice new angle on an old topic. Really the issue is the roadie thinking in the UCI. Passing other riders in the last lap or two should simply be one of the hazards of racing. XC racing should be more like MotoX, where passing is one of the prerequisite skills and simply part of racing. The smaller nations should band together to get the 80 percent rule dropped, so that emerging nations can have a better chance at improving their rankings. So how do we get BikeNZ to promote this at UCI level? Something for you to do while Nic is doing all the hard work in Canberra?