Monday, May 6, 2013


It seems I have inadvertently returned to racing as its suddenly becoming regular habit again. Good thing I didn't announce retirement as I'd be looking like an idiot now! Instead I've reverted to the "train little race - frequently" style of keeping in shape. Seems to work ok Deciding we needed a Magellan presence at the T42 on the weekend I gathered up my gear and Olly Shaw and headed south. As you can see from the start pic its a spectacular location worth the trip in itself.
Race went suprisingly well. I was the holder of the course best time until Saturday. That now belongs to Carl Jones, who skipped off up the road and won by a few minutes. So he should, he left for the european world cups this morning. I did manage to hang on for 3rd, and I now hold the strava KOM for 42 traverse ....... at least until Carl uploads the data from his Magellan.
Must have worked pretty hard as we blew up enough post race that the 36km road ride back to the car took just as long as the 46km MTB race did. And the bag of natural confectionary company dinosaurs lasted 60sec. Followed promptly by a rushed trip to BK turangi.... Ouch. So a good day of training banked. I can put my feet up again until the next event.


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