Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Muc-Off bro...

Muc-Off bro... hands off my bike! You'll get it dirty. No question a clean and shiney bike is pretty cool. So long as it looks good and fast eh?! However, the importance (and effect on performance) of keeping a clean and well looked after bike is something that we do should never underestimate.... While it may be hard to emulate Gavin McCarthy standards; we no longer have any excuse for not maintaining immaculately presented bicycles. Our bikes have never looked better and thanks to our recently signed partnership with Muc-Off that will only continue.

We'll save you the marketing speil; suffice to say this stuff really works. The range is massive. Everything from cleaners, to degreasers, chain cleaners, bike spray, polish, an endless array of cleaning brushes, and of course a great selection of quality chain lubes. Even goggle/lens cleaners and anti-fog treatments. Safe to say we're well covered for MTB, Moto, and even swimming. We're stoked to be benefiting from the range.

Excuse the poor photo above. The bike was so gleaming my cheap camera couldn't cope with the glare.

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