Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nationals.... already?

Am just about to head off to the airport to hop a plane to Dunedin. National MTB Champs on Saturday. Am I ready? Don't know! After Napier 6 weeks seemed ages away. But the time has flown by.

To be honest, it feels a bit strange. The tragic events in Christchurch kind of put things in perspective, and heading off to race my MTB seems a bit frivolous and unimportant really. Thoughts are with those in and around CHCH. Kia Kaha.

Do I have any form? Maybe. I was sick after Kinloch and had a whole week off. A trip to Hamilton for Nitro Circus show was pretty awesome, and helped get me amped up for the week that followed. Got some key sessions in, raced my BMX (even won a moto), and then having missed a scheduled MTB race with illness(Black Stump), made a last minute decision to jump in the Elite Race of the Rev 120 Road race to get a long hard session in. Good to be back on the road, and it was actually over 2 1/2 years since I'd last done a road race (a few 20min club crits aside).

Pace was pretty hot with many of the hitters in attendance. 2 x Pure Black boys off the front for 70km, and 4 x Subway trying to chase meant to pace was high on the relentess Rev 120 course on which only the last 15km is flat. My positioning was average at times and the road boys really put the hurt on me. I stayed cosy in the front group till about 105km when the lights went out... sadly the Rev is 120km.

I doddled the last 15km solo at about 25km/hr and cruised in around 30 something'th. Even if the result didn't come off the objective of a hard session was certainly acheived. I then proceeded to smash myself on Sunday on MTB to finish myself off. Both physiologically, and physically when I decided to introduce my head to the ground at high speed. So been a bit sore this week. Hopefully it comes to fuition on Saturday... and again the following week at Karapoti.

Spot the MTB'er. Hanging out to the far right at about the 75km mark while the subway boys and GMC chase the Pure Black boys up the road. Felt pretty good at that didn't last.

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mountainrider said...

Damn Cabin...some of those Subway boys have got arms that are wider than your quads!