Sunday, September 5, 2010

World Champs - Not exactly to plan

56th at World Champs was not the way Nic was planning to end her season. But it was a pretty brave effort after a bit of a freak incident saw her with a gashed sidewall 20sec into the race, and 3km from nearest tech zone.... watching as the other 67 women in the race sprinted off into the distance.

Rather than throw the towel in Nic ran/carried/pushed her bike to the tech zone... a long way down. Not detered she salvaged what she could clawing back up to 56th before the 80% rule ended her efforts. Brief report from her below. More to come later.

"Could not believe it when it happened. I was in disbelief. I heard the
sound and said to myself it's not mine, it can't be. Next glance I was on
the rim & realising the stink situation I was in. 20sec into World Champs, gashed open tyre... and almost 3km from tech zone.

What can I say. Could only salvage what I could. I just made the most of it, and enjoyed the racing that I did, albeit with myself. I just rode for pride.

The crowd were fantastic. A heap of bravo's etc flying around esp when
I hit finally tech zone, and then started chasing hard. I decided to just 'ride every lap like it is your last'. First proper lap when I was so far behind I got to the rock garden (which was wet/slick and I don't think many were riding it) I rode it. The crowd roared! That was pretty cool and definately bouyed my spirits."


Dave said...

Great to hear you stuck it out and pulled some riders back in when it would have been so easy to throw in the towel. Inspirational stuff, awesome effort Nic.

mountainrider said...

Em and I were lost for words when Cabin Facebooked what had happened and we can only imagine what you were feeling at the are an absolute LEGEND for sticking it out and you have most definitely done the Kiwis VERY VERY proud with your inspirational effort.