Monday, May 17, 2010

and now for something completely different

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noted the race calender on this blog listing for saturday... "to be confirmed. A few events to choose from". Well, above is the car loaded up and ready for what became my choice. Road bike in TT spec, borrowed Kayak, and my cannondale in the back seat. Yip, it was inevitable really. I am now a multisporter.

I was 3rd yesterday in the Kaimai Classic. A popular, and very gruelling scenic tour of the Tauranga countryside. 5km trail run, 17km MTB, 11km kayak, 23km road bike, and 11km run to finish it (and the athletes) off.

Secret training in preparation? Far from it. I first kayaked last wednesday (10 days ago). I had planned a debut in a few months. But those that read this blog know my thought process fairly well by now.... The best way to learn is get amongst it right?

Long race story short..... Ran well in first 5km and controlled my self. Took lead in transition and built up a lead of 3-4min of which I proceeded to hand 1min30 or so back late in ride when around 1m of rusty barbed wire wrapped itself around my rear hub. Bugger.
Tried my best to look like I could kayak. Dwarne Farley did his best to teach me a few tips when he blazed past (3min lead evaporated in first 10min of paddling). Lost around 17min to dwarne during the hour or so I was on the river and got out of the boat in 12th.... and very tired and sore!
Smashed the road bike and ran as hard as I could. Taking some time back and catching 3rd place in the last 300m. My final run surge must've looked ok. The old boys at the rugby club were yelling out "do you play rugby cuz? We need a winger." I politely declined, said I was a halfback. "sweet bro, we need one of those too." Think they'd had a few too many speights already. Couldn't they see the size of me?
Final result? 3rd. 11min down on Dwarne Farley who won his 6th (?) Kaimai title, and about 1min shy of 2nd. Think I could get to like this Multisport thing with a bit of Kayak training?
And the best bit? Probably couldn't go past the post match (ah.... race) feed. Too much. All events should be hosted at a rural rugby club. Burgers. Beers and more than a few tall tales in the sun. And Mr Whippy was there too. Mint.
I am pretty happy with that debut. And very sore today. Time for some specific training I think. I've been getting by on my february/march form for a bit too long now. Time to rebuild and race less (for a lttle while anyway).
Only after this saturday though. Crank Taupo beckons. XC race, and then a DH as well for a combined all mountain title. Should be sweet.

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