Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekend Reading

Looking for a bit of weekend reading? Or some fresh mags for the coffee table? Let us make some reccommendations. Turns out we've been fairly active on the media front in recent times, and have been asked to make a variety of contributions to a number of great kiwi publications. So in the interests of blatent self-promotion..... Can we reccommend the October issues of the following :)

Lot's of interesting Kiwi Motorcycling content as always. But this time includes a 4 page feature on my attempts to crossover to dirt biking this past winter. Hopefully makes an interesting read to others and prompts a bit more MTB vs Moto crossover

Okay, so this is the current cover.... but look out for the October issue of NZMTB'r on the shelf soon. Includes cover of Nic's Worlds campaign, a "getting fit for MTB" feature (yes, I wrote it), and of course my column.

And Endurance Sport, with its ever improving content. This month featuring Nic's veiwpoint on stepping up to World Cup level as "Team N-Duro goes World Cup racing"

Happy Reading

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