Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So I guess we're training again. After a mint 3hr+ ride on Saturday with a group of 15-16yr olds I coach, Nic thought It'd be a nice idea to ride up nearby Wharite Peak. She'd never been up it, and it was over 2yrs ago I last was there. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Can I now say that my new 2 x 9 set up on the 29er hurts sometimes when you are trying to ride easy?!

Wharite Peak..... 12km & 1000m up
20 min into the climb. Still no where near the bushline....

35min in and the windmills are starting to look pretty small
Nearing the summit....about 60min in

At the top. 60min up..... and just 14min to get back down! It was loose! Even better, we found a tramping track off the top from this trig. Reckon its a pretty gnarly 8km or so rugged 'single track' down. Should make for a pretty epic loop. Can't wait to explore it.

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Corbin said...

Very cool looking. I suppose Nic is all healed up?